Difference between Director vs Company Credit Reports

on Monday, 31 October 2016.

In this article we explain the difference between a director credit report and a company credit report.  Generally a company credit report will comprise of lots more information and tend to be more useful when it comes to business transactions.

You should be aware that every provider has their own way of displaying the data and access to different sets of information.

A director report will often contain some or all of the following -

  • Full Name
  • Resident Address
  • Company Appointments (date they started or ceased directorship)
  • Associated Companies
  • County Court Judgements

Whereas a company credit reports will often contain some or all of the following -

  • Credit Rating & Limit
  • Historic Financials
  • Director & Ownership Info
  • County Court Judgements Data
  • Directors & Shareholder Data
  • Company Mortgage Info
  • Full Registered Company Details

Apart-Data company credit reports provide even more information, to see full details on what we do differently please see our company credit reports page.

As you will see company reports often contain a lot more information, whereas director credit reports tend to be a lot more specific and more limited information.

Our company credit reports do contain director details however if you require director reports instead or as well as please contact our team who will be happy to assist.

Of the two company credit reports are normally more useful for the day-to-day transactions that a business makes as it is focused specifically on the company in question.  If it is more complex or higher value transaction it would normally be advisable to do checks on all the directors, any companies involved and any companies the directors are associated with.  However, the latter isn’t normally as important if it is a limited liability company, although you should seek professional advice.


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